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 Stencil Production For PCB Assembly

 Stencil Production |Stencil for PCB Assembly |


One of the famous production of stencil is by a specific electro-chemical  process, the smoothness  of  cutting walls is provided to be smaller then one micron. The smooth  surface makes seperation of cream solder and stencil easier. Through this process, sieve cleaning period, which is need during the production, is significantly lengthened. Also with this process, the micro-burrs, which are occured during the cutting, are cleaned.  As a result, quality of printing is increased and a smooth, shiny and easy clean surface is provided.

SMT - Steel Braided Technical Specifications:
Material thickness -30-600 microns.
Max. Cutting Area - 600 x 700 mm (23.6 x 23.6 inch)
Max. Sheet Size - 850 x 800 mm (33.5 x 31.5 inch)
Resolution - 0.5 microns.
Position accuracy of - ± 10 microns.
Repeatability - ± 2 microns.
Taper from - 0 to 2.0 °
The smallest aperture - 40 microns.
The small bridge - 100 microns.

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